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Terms and Conditions


The purpose of our setting out our ‘Terms and Conditions’ is to outline as clear as possible what our commitment to you as a ‘Customer’ will be and what we require from you to us ‘the company’ which forms our ‘contract agreement’.

Who’s Who

From this point forward The Garage Door Shop Ltd will be referred to as ‘the company’ and the person or company ordering goods will be referred to as ‘the customer’, reference to goods shall relate to items ordered by the customer from the company and be referred to as ‘goods’.


The terms and conditions set out herein constitute the contract / agreement made between the company and the customer. The addition / substitution of any other terms and / or conditions are not permitted.

Order Acknowledgement

The quotation will not form a contract or agreement until such time as the customer accepts and acknowledges in writing or verbally the company quote and the company have acknowledged in writing their acceptance of offer. These conditions will apply to all quotes issued by the company to the customer and will override any Conditions implied or omitted by the customer at the time of order.


All deposits are non-refundable and are used to source and secure products related to the customer’s order.


Delivery is included for supply and install quotations; all other quotations will be Ex Work’s collection only, unless identified in our quote as an additional option, which must be accepted by the customer at the time of order.

Delays To Your Order

All delivery and install dates are approximate. The Garage Door Shop will not provide monetary compensation including the return of deposits, for any delays by manufacturers or for any other unforeseeable reasons. No delay shall entitle the customer to reject any delivery or services.

Payment Terms

Deposit of £200 required, unless notified otherwise. All Supply and Install goods shall be paid for upon completion, all Supply Only, including Delivery and Ex Works shall be paid for prior to dispatch or on collection. All goods supplied remain the property of The Garage Door Shop, until paid for and, in the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to reclaim same whether installed or not without any redress implicit to ourselves resulting from the reclamation of said goods.

Right to Cancel

When you place your order and pay the deposit, we process the order as soon as possible. If you then cancel your order, we have the right to charge a cancellation fee which covers the costs incurred whilst handling your order.

Responsibility For Sizes

The company accepts all responsibility for door sizes where a representative of the company has carried out a survey. Incorrect sizes given by the customer shall remain the responsibility of the customer.

Delivery Liability

All goods collected will be the responsibility of the customer upon collection or their collecting agent. All goods delivered will be the responsibility of the customer upon delivery and signature from the receiving agent / person.

Seal to Threshold

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the seal provided accommodates any variation in the floor level, no responsibility is accepted at any time after the installation for any anomalies.

Removal of Old Materials

Existing doors will be removed and disposed of free of charge unless we are advised to the contrary. Whilst every care will be exercised in removing old materials, no making good or pointing of existing brickwork, rendering, floor, timber etc, will be undertaken.


All manufactured goods carry a 2 year guarantee, unless stated otherwise, the door curtain carries a 10 year colourfast guarantee (wear and tear excluded). Hand transmitters are NOT covered under the terms of the guarantee.

Wear and Tear

The door curtain is secured to the barrel by locking straps, whilst every precaution is made to ensure that these leave no marks, there will be signs of marking on the inside face, this is unavoidable.

Extreme Cold Spells

Ensure that the door sections are not frozen when operating the door in icy and frosty conditions as this can increase the coiling diameter of the curtain when opening, causing the curtain to fully retract into the housing. If this occurs DO NOT operate the door to close, contact The Garage Door Shop Ltd.

The business always endeavours to provide the best service for every customer. However, on rare occasions, there may be times where a customer may not be completely satisfied. To ensure the business is able to put things right as soon as possible, please read our complaints procedure below. The business will then be able to respond promptly to ensure complete satisfaction. As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out based on the contract terms and the high standards the business aims to achieve. In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact the business as soon so the problems can be rectified as soon as possible. Our Procedure Either call, email or write* to us. The business aims to respond within 5 days of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised.

Interest on Overdue Accounts and Suspension of Delivery

The Company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 3% per month. The Company reserves the right where genuine doubts arise as to the Customer’s financial position or in the case of failure to pay for any goods or any services as aforesaid to suspend delivery of any order or part or installment without liability until payment or satisfactory security for payment has been provided.